10 Trendiest Promotional Products of 2020

Are you in charge of organising your workplace’s promotional items? Let us help you! Here at Buckingham Pewter we make customised promotional items to suit every need. All of our products are made from the highest quality Pewter and made locally here in Perth. So what better reason than to check out our 10 most trendy products of this year.

1. Geometric animal figurines.
2. Keychains for your groomsmen, bridesmaids or wedding guests.
3. Comical miner pushing a wheelbarrow
4. Red poppy pin.
5. Bottle openers branded to your identity.
6. Custom Cufflinks.
7. Keyrings.
8. Custom belt buckles.
9. Coloured lapel pins.
10. We’ve all heard of the quokka selfie craze, right? But is it really that easy to get down on all fours to secure a photo with a moving marsupial? Let me make it easier for you by taking that selfie with our delightful pewter quokka! No-one will know the difference, I promise 😉

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