How is Pewter Manufactured?

What is Pewter? Check it out here!

At Buckingham Pewter we use the spin casting method to create our products. This utilises centrifugal force whilst the mould is spinning to allow the pewter to be poured in cool and solidify.

Firstly a “master” needs to be produced. There are a number of steps to achieve either a 3D or 2D master.

3D–  are either hand engraved by an artist from artwork we have supplied, or a render is created and printed in a 3D printer in a high heat resin.

2D- After creating the desired artwork, a film is produced which is used to expose UV light sensitive metal. This creates two layers hence the nature of being 2 dimensional.

Pewter rubber moulds, How is pewter manufactured?

We then set the master product under high pressure and high heat in a natural rubber mould. The mould is then cured and will withstand the heat from the pewter. The pewter is then heated up to 250- 300 degrees Celsius.

The mould is then put into a casting machine. This allows the pewter to reach every part of the product as it is poured into the mould. It then cools for between 5 – 10 minutes.

liquid pewter
liquid pewter, Buckingham Pewter

After the raw pewter cast is created there are numerous hands-on steps to clean and finish each item, which results in each piece being slightly unique. We drill, grind, acid, brush and buff the product to reach the desired effect.

Manufacturing Pewter, Buckingham Pewter

For a more detailed overview on what Pewter is and how it is manufactured, click the video below.

What is Pewter?