Our Top 5 Cheapest Custom-Made Promotional Items

Are you looking for a unique, custom-made yet affordable product that looks expensive and is of the highest quality? Here are our top 5 cheapest Pewter items that you need to know about now!

  1. Animal Figurines. With a crazy low retail price starting at $3.00, how could you go wrong? Our Australian animal figurines are very popular in the corporate world to gift to overseas clients. What better way to woo your clients than with an authentic, locally made and meaningful gift? If Australian animals aren’t the vibe you’re going for, then we can custom make any animal to your liking. My personal favourite animal figurine we’ve made to date is a French Bulldog. Our friends used it as their thank you gift to all the guests at their wedding. It was such a unique gift and a huge hit with all their friends. I’m just waiting for someone to order a sloth figurine as my love of sloths is next level.
  2. These are one of our best sellers as they not only look amazing but are a very functional item. Starting at a very low $5.00, we have a huge range of keychains for every purpose or can custom design exactly what you’re after. What better way for your corporate business to show your appreciation of your staff than to gift them a unique and personalised keychain at the end of the year. It’s something that is stylish and functional at the same time! If simplicity isn’t your thing and you are looking for something more colourful, our beautiful red poppy is the perfect example of a coloured keychain which makes a bold statement.
  3. We have a large range of bookmarks including solid Pewter gum leaves retailing at $6.00 or our classy strip of fabric with detailed Pewter ends. Whatever your reading needs, we can cater with our custom designs. Everyone reads to some degree, whether it be for work or personal use, so why not provide your staff with a locally made bookmark to make their reading experiences that bit more enjoyable. What better enticement to continue reading than to open your book to a high quality and unique bookmark?
  4. Lapel Pins. These show a wearers affiliation with an organisation or cause. For example, the very sentimental Australian Royal Air Force pin we made for our service men. Although lapel pins are normally considered for formal use, we think they offer so much more! Why not wear an ornamental pin on your favourite bag or add a unique touch to your business’s work uniform? So many amazing Pewter lapel pin options retailing at a low $7.00.
  5. Another one of our very practical Pewter products, you can’t go wrong with a set of our stylish coasters. Our coasters can be circle or square in shape, or a completely unique shape of your choosing! Pewter coasters are very durable and will withstand the test of time! They are perfect to stylise your restaurant or bar or to sell in your gift store. These start at a very low $12.00 for a set of four and come beautifully packaged in a vinyl pouch.

So, whatever your corporate business need may be, we have you covered with our ultra-stylish yet affordable Pewter products. Browse our vast range of products here www.buckinghampewter.com.au or get in contact with us for a quote today on 9240 7800 or sales@buckinghampewter.com Don’t forget to follow us on our socials facebook & Instagram 🙂