Custom 3D Figurines



It all starts with an idea, an idea of a product or item you want to create as a figurine out of Pewter. This idea is then communicated and turned into a piece of artwork. The artwork is then supplied to a 3D render artist and they bring to life your idea and design.

The 3D render is then reviewed by you the client and also our technicians. This is to make sure the product is representing the idea you envisioned and that our technician is happy the way it will be moulded and cast.

Once the 3D render has been approved, the item is then printed in-house via a 3D printer. Usually the items are separated in multiple parts to allow easy casting. They are prepared, finished and then moulded in natural rubber.

The mould has been completed and is ready for casting, it is placed into a spin cast machine and the liquid pewter is poured in. The item is allowed to dry and removed from the mould. The item is then soldered back together. (Our largest project had 25 separate pieces) Your item then is complete and is ready to be acid dipped and finished to the desired effect.

All custom 3D figurines are Australian handmade with local materials. Each piece is slightly unique and is made with love.



Pewter is a tin alloy with small elements of antimony and bismuth. Pewter has a very low melting point compared to most other metals. This is a major benefit as It is very malleable at a lower temperature and can create highly detailed figurines as it allows us to create very small pieces.