How do you design your own custom belt buckle?

5 steps to create the perfect custom belt buckle with Buckingham Pewter.

    1. Choose your logo

Sounds pretty simple, but it can determine your next steps and the overall feel of your belt buckle. If you are looking for the buckle to be mainly logo than a landscape style logo works best. If you are wanting other elements on the buckle than a portrait version can work well also.

    1. What shape of buckle?

Oval, Rectangular with rounded corners, Circular, Square or a custom shape. This will impact your design majorly also as it will determine what can be put onto the buckle. Your logo shape, the text you are planning on placing on the design and also the images all impact the shape you decide to go with.

    1. What images would you like?

With 3D printing technology, this allows images to be very creative and replicated easily. Choose the images that will compliment your business and identity, it always helps when you provide exactly the images you want!

    1. What Text?

What text would you like on the buckle design? Sometimes less is more in this case. How can you get the information across in as little amount of words as possible? Usually the designs that are the best have a logo, small amount of text and a great image.

    1. Where do I place it all?

You have considered all the elements that you need to create a great custom belt buckle, where do you put it all?
It all depends on what you want to be the focus. If that is the logo then make the logo nice and big and the focal point. If it is an image you would like to be the focus then make that the largest element on the design.
Remember text is important to compliment the design but don’t make the design.
We are more than happy to guide you in what looks good and what doesn’t look so good so you get the custom belt buckle design that you want!

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