5 Pewter Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift that has some character to it? Pewter is a great product that has an abundance of character. Here are our 5 favourite pewter gift ideas.

1 – Bottle Opener

Are you looking to give your wedding guests a functional wedding bonbonniere? A custom pewter bottle opener speaks class, custom and uniqueness. It is a gift that your guests will cherish and use for years to come.



2 – Custom Coasters

Fully customisable to your brand, company or design. Coasters can be paired with locally made jarrah boxes to give that premium finish.

3 – Bookmark

You say kindle’s are the way forward? Research shows there is still a high demand for printed books. Custom pewter bookmarks are a great pewter gift, they can be customised to your design. Only need 1? No problem he is our generic gumnut and leaf bookmark.

4 – Cheese Knife

A cheese knife is another functional pewter gift you can give, here is our generic cheese knife or you can make a completely custom design!

5 – Belt Buckle

A custom pewter belt buckle is a great pewter gift for companies to give to their employees. It can be customised to show the uniqueness of the brand.