Custom Made Promotional Gifts for Christmas

Are you looking for an affordable, yet unique gift this Christmas? Look no further, we have the solution for you! Every year, Buckingham Pewter produces a huge number of corporate promotional gifts for a variety of businesses and organisations across Australia. Giving high quality gifts to your staff and clients will not only boost your corporate image but reward your loyal workers and customers at the same time. Imagine the joy your recipients will have when they receive an unexpected, thoughtful memento this holiday season. We can even personalise it to have your business logo or message on your design. The options are endless! Here at Buckingham Pewter, we specialise in making these corporate promotional items which are all hand made locally from Pewter. Pewter is a tin alloy which has a very high melting point. This makes it perfect to mould even the finest of details on your design. We work closely with you to tailor your product to exactly what you need. We have such a wide scope of products that we make from key rings to coasters, belt buckles, paper weights and letter openers just to name a few. You name it and we can make it! So, with Christmas just around the corner, get in touch with us now to ensure your gift arrives in time.

Buckingham Pewter

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