Pewter Promotional Tankards

Our promotional tankard is one of our most popular corporate gifts! It is an extremely versitile item. Its main use is a drinking vessel, but others include; a vase, a pen holder, lolly jar, loose coin piggy bank, water jug, I could go on. So if you’re not sold already on purchasing a tankard as your next promotional item, let me give you a bit of history behind the tankard.

The tankard is used similarly to a beer stein. A tankard is usually made of pewter, although can be found in silver, glass, wood or ceramic. In the 13th century, the word tankard meant a wooden vessl, and later came to mean specifically a drinking vessel. The earliest tankards were made of wood and did not have lids. Metal tankards often came with a glass bottom. There are a few theories as to why. The first being it was a way to refuse the King’s shilling. The drinker could see the coin in the bottom of the tankard and refuse the drink, thereby avoiding conscription into the British army or navy. The next was to see a punch coming your way. In a bar fight, the first punch was always thrown whilst the recipient was drinking. Therefore the glass bottom meant you could see the attack coming. The third legend being the drinker could assess the quality of his drink, while avoiding the expense of using a fragile pint glass.

The modern day tankard is more of a specialty or novelty item, and are often engraved to commomorate a special occasion. At Buckingham Pewter we can customise all of our tankard designs to reflect your every promotional need. We do not recommend drinking out of our pewter tankards as our pewter contains a very small percentage of lead. Long term ingesting of lead can lead to medical conditions. However we know the tankard is the mantle piece you’ve always been missing!

We know that your displayed tankard will be a conversation starter every time you have guests over, and knowing the history behind it is bound to impress them! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now at Buckingham Pewter for a quote!